Change the Way
We Think of Boredom.

Boredom is experienced by everyone from time to time.  Some age groups are more prone to becoming bored than others and can hit the hardest for people who have traditionally lead busy lives. Whether it's transitioning into a new stage of your life or being stuck at home, boredom can creep in. Long spans of boredom has been associated with depression and anxiety in older Australians. Depression is common throughout the Australian population, and older people are more likely to experience contributing factors such as physical illness or personal loss.  

Our mission is to create hobby boxes for older Australians to promote mental well-being. We donate $1 for every purchased box to Beyond Blue to improve the mental well-being of individuals.



Ageing is Normal, Chronic Boredom is Not.

Chronic boredom has been found to have negative health consequences such as depression and anxiety. It most commonly affects individuals who've lead productive lives.  There is no specific treatment for boredom, but starting new hobbies or diversional activities can help combat you from its grip. 



Improving Mental Well-being for Older Australians 

For every purchase you make we donate $1 to Beyond Blue to help Australian individuals, families, and communities affected by anxiety, depression, and suicide. We support Beyond Blue's efforts to provide support and knowledge to improve the mental well-being of Australians. 



Closing the Generational Gap

Each gift box comes with items that can be completed alone or with someone else. We hope these gifts gives opportunities for the younger and older generations to reignite or start new connections between families, friends, and carers.